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    • 2015-05-15
      The American fold agility connector (PEI-Genesis) will build a factory in Zhuhai


    March 25, 2015, the Pennsylvania State, global well-known precision connectors and cable assembly manufacturers B.J. connector (PEI genesis) the company will be in Zhuhai, China opened its new factory, covers an area of 5000 square meters. The plant will be fully operational in May 1st. Expanding business to China is part of the long-term strategic plan for the company to enter the new market for the new area..
    Zhuhai factories and companies in two factories in the United States and the United Kingdom will use exclusive same automation scheme, technological process and system, in order to meet the urgent demand of the Chinese market of multi varieties and small batch connector configuration.
    Pei Genesis Russell, President and chief operating officer. DeWalt said: "establish plant is also to better training of our China team, let them like we have factories in North America and Europe, assembly quality custom connector within 48 hours and delivered to the customer. The market for our products is the most rapidly growing demand for our products.. Our suppliers and customers tell us that China is currently no manufacturer to focus on the number of varieties of small lot of configuration connectors, and this is our strengths. We expect to build strong partnerships with suppliers in the future to bring unlimited opportunities to development."
    The initial focus of the company's initial focus terminal market will focus on public rail transportation, commercial aviation, oil and gas, solar and industrial sectors.
    DeWalt said: "we enter the Chinese market, is committed to in China sourcing, manufacturing and sales - to become a Chinese company. In order to meet the needs of customers of different sizes, we are able to provide millions of different component types within 48 hours, while providing engineering support, this is our unique advantage. "
    At present, the sales team and all operators are ready, the Chinese plant will provide customers with first-class service, its speed and quality will be comparable to PEI in North America and Europe plant.
    About double agile connector (PEI-Genesis)
    PEI-Genesis with a huge spare parts spot, PEI-Genesis R & D design solutions for the global military, industry, aerospace, transportation and energy industry to provide support. Pei genesis is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States South Bend, Indiana), Southampton and Zhuhai, China owned the factory, and in the Americas, Europe and Asia and more are equipped with sales offices.