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    Service creates value, service Lei in respect, make service brand. Customers are welcome to put forward valuable opinions, we with first-class service for your company to do better, the cooperation will be more happy! Thank you!

    Rich source companies always adhere to the "customer first" purpose, if you have any suggestions for our service please dial the following telephone. We will promptly provide the best quality service for you.

    ①Service QQ:1026697611 Miss Zeng
    ②Complaints Hotline:13322995868 Mr.Zeng / 13267088282 Mr.Zhao
    ③We are committed to receiving your phone, the Pearl River Delta customers will be within 48 small for your service, domestic customers within a week for your excellent. Foreign customers in 10 working days to problem-solving for you, if you of our service is not satisfactory, please feel free to dial telephone customer complaints, we will do this supervision.